The other day we were dispatched to a nursing home for seizures. According to dispatch, per the nursing home, the patient wasn’t actively seizing.

Arrive on scene to be greeted by the nurse, she states the problem started about 3am… my thought “it’s nearly 1pm and you’re just now calling for an ambulance?”. Oh yeah, I forgot were are at a Skilled Nursing Facility minus the skilled part… you’ll see why I say that here in a moment.

I walk into the room ahead of the nurse and my partner, greet the patient and notice that the patients left leg is twitching. I ask the nurse, “is this normal for him?”… wait for it… “no, I said it started about 3am!”, “oh, ok I thought you said he was having seizures?”

What I really wanted to say was “you’re a fucktard, how and the hell did you become nurse? that’s not a seizure, it’s called involuntary muscle spasms you dumbass.”


Funny Stuff

Thought this was funny and thought I’d share it.


Dialysis Time vs Real Time or…

I’m not sure which is worse, dialysis time vs real time… this is when the dialysis center tells you that the patient will be ready at a certain time, only for you to show up at the specified time and to be told your patient still has another hour and ten minutes


To show up to your prescheduled call, only to be notified by the staff, that your call was canceled and was never informed by dispatch… this is most likely due to the fact that sending facility probably never called and notified dispatch of this.

The Life of an EMS Provider

Often times we lack sleep, often times we don’t get to eat… When we are able to do either, it’s often short lived. We grieve, stress and panic at times while maintaining a calm and relaxed composure. We are woken at all hours of the night and morning to attend to those in need. Pay isn’t that great for most of us, we put ourselves in harms way to serve and protect. I don’t do it for the money, I do it for the simple pleasure of making my patient feel at ease, while treating any life threats! I strive to be the best that I can be!